Commercial Solar Referral Program

Become a strategic partner and help others discover the savings and benefits of solar.

Core Development Group is looking for local qualified energy consultants, financial consultants, strategic partners, and professionals to help sell commercial solar systems and refer business. Our commercial solar referral program starts with you, your client’s needs, and your constantly evolving daily needs. This is how we’ve built our successful renewable energy solutions by ensuring top-level service to power your business and your customer’s business that empower you.

Our commercial solar referral program adds real value by providing renewable energy expertise for your customers, members, or clients, while creating a new revenue stream for you and your organization. We have a variety of program options, from commission-based to upfront referral fees. You can bring added value to your members and clients through our customized renewable energy options that help lower business operating costs. Our strategic partners receive compensation based on referrals and participation. Becoming a strategic partner is beneficial to both you and your clients as you help lower costs, increase company sustainability, reduce dependence on imported fuel sources, and provide financial stability since onsite solar is a hedge against fluctuating energy costs.

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Our strategic partners, energy consultants, and financial consultants span many industries. Here are some examples of professionals that can cross sell commercial solar to businesses:

  • Energy Aggregators, Brokers, and Consultants
  • Energy suppliers, energy service companies (ESCOs), retail energy providers (REPs)
  • Property Managers
  • Insurance and Accounting Firms
  • Business Owners looking to cross sell
  • Financial Consultants
  • Office Supplier/Office Equipment
  • Business service companies, roofing contractors, HVAC, electricians, etc.
  • Commercial Real Estate Professionals
  • Building Owners, and Facility Management

Get Compensated with 3 Easy Steps

We provide a value-added offering for your business – helping your businesses take control of their energy needs and reduce their carbon footprint! Join our commercial solar referral program and earn money with 3 easy steps.

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1) Engage

Have conversations with commercial building or land owners. Solar is an Investment that Pays for Itself - Depending on incentives and roof details, a target return on investment for a cash purchase is approximately 10% -20% per year with a payback of 5 to 10 years. After the payback period is reached, the commercial solar system will continue to produce electricity for over 25 years.

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2) Send us a utility bill copy & site details

We just need a little information for your opportunity and their utility data to develop a custom commercial solar proposal for a specific site.

Core Development Group can provide custom quote that includes solar system specifications, aeriel image with location and quantity of panels, solar system size and likely output per annum in kWh, capacity and output, financial model, analysis of applicable incentives, applicable terms & conditions.

You can close the deal (white label), we will close the deal for you, or we can work together to close the deal. Our commercial solar experts will then handle the quotation process, provide assistance, and answer questions.

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3) Collect a Commission

Our referral consultants are our advocates and can select between upfront payments or residual commissions. Every year thousands of commercial and industrial businesses make the switch to solar, so don’t delay.

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Our Service Area

Core Development Group offers a large geographic footprint of service across the USA providing energy advisors, strategic partners, and financial consultants to access commercial onsite solar systems for a wide range of businesses.

Recommending commercial solar is smart and good for business. There is a wide range of reasons for building owners and businesses to choose onsite solar generation. Reducing overall energy costs, energy independence, and supporting the environment are nice starting points, but there are so many additional reasons for businesses to choose solar. Below are additional reasons why all businesses should consider commercial solar systems:


  • Solar power offers a great return on investment
  • Reduces business operating costs with lower monthly electricity bills
  • Controls future energy bills and provides a hedge against inflation
  • Increase property values
  • Lower tax liability with the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation
  • Corporate sustainability benefits and lower carbon footprint
  • Potential to access State and local incentives
"The professionals at Core Development Group took a very detailed approach to helping educate our business to choose the right commercial solar system, navigate the entire process of permits and inspections, provide financial guidance on government incentives, and reduce any impact to our other business operations. We started saving money once the system was operational and can’t think of anything that would have improved our experience."
- New Jersey Manufacturing Company

Important Things to Consider

There are a few additional factors that you’ll need to consider when evaluating your contacts potential for solar.

Examples of businesses that make a good prospect for a commercial solar system:

  • Own the building or property and have a large unobstructed area on the roof or grounds
  • Have a roof that is in good condition (for rooftop solar)
  • Higher portion of electrical consumption is done during the day, especially in summer or winter seasons.
  • Have a passthrough ownership structure with significant tax liability
  • Company has publicly stated sustainability goals or made commitments to consumers
  • Located in an area with higher utility electricity rates
  • Located in a state with solar incentives

For the right company solar is an easy sell that pays for itself. However, solar may not make as much financial sense for companies with shaded facilities, a roof or electrical service that requires repair or upgrade, or who do not have worthy business credit.

In addition to commercial solar systems, Core Development Group offers the following wide range of renewable energy solutions.

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Apply to be a Partner



Note: Referral Partners enter into a written agreement with Core Development Group that provides terms and conditions for qualifying referral fees and/or commissions.

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