Sustainable is Attainable

Good For Business. Good For The Planet.

At Core Development Group, we make your sustainable energy goals attainable.

With the ever increasing interest in corporate climate responsibility, businesses today are more focused than ever on effective renewable energy strategies. In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion on the topic and we have seen measurable improvement in both grass root and large scale efforts. Choosing the best renewable technology to implement sustainability goals and knowing which incentive plans are available can be challenging to keep up with. Core Development Group, a nationally-ranked renewable provider, has the diverse expertise necessary to offer companies trusted guidance and reliable services towards a sustainable future.

Our mission is to help power the world’s companies and communities now and for years to come through sustainable energy development.

Core's 4 Steps To Success

Track Record to Success

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Doing well while doing good.

Core Development Group is a mission-driven company that believes in giving back to the communities we serve. Operating coast to coast in North America, we partner with local leaders to train and employ members of under-resourced and disadvantaged communities. We are a multi-lingual minority-owned and operated family business that values diversity, inclusion, and equity.

  • 26 States
  • 3 Countries
  • #9 Solar Developer U.S. 2020
  • $350 Million Currently Managing

Biggest and brightest.

We work with top tier partners and some of the biggest companies on the Fortune 100 list managing the full life cycle of energy projects. Our consultative approach and dedication to exemplary service allow clients to achieve their sustainable energy goals on time and within budget while remaining focused on their own businesses.

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Solar Energy

Solar energy is the lowest cost source of electricity in history, according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2020. Federal and state benefits provide even greater incentives for a company’s bottom line.

Core Development Group
Installed and managed the installation of over 2.6 GW throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. From ground mounts, to carports, to rooftops, we have designed and developed projects to meet the business energy demands.

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Battery Storage

Solar batteries work by storing energy produced by your solar panels for later use. It operates just like a fossil fuel generator minus the fossil fuels.When combined with solar, the sun supplies the battery with energy viasolar power.

Core Development Group
Installed, designed and managed over 80 MW of solar battery storage,with another 200 MW in development.

electric vehicle icon

Electric Vehicle

Vehicle Infrastructural Design Build: large-scale planning,development, management,and maintenance of charging infrastructure to support fleet electric delivery vans,yard hostlers, box trucks,and day cabs.

Core Development Group
Installed more than 800 EV charging stations throughout the U.S., with another 1,000in design and development.

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Microgrids are localized grids that can disconnect from the traditional grid to operate autonomously.If you are looking for resiliency and experience utility outages that disrupt operations a microgrid may be the solution.

Core Development Group
Currently designing several microgrid projects throughout the U.S.

A Smart Investment

One decision benefits the world, your business, your employees and the community.

wind turbines

Wind Energy

Land-based utility-scale wind is one of the lowest priced energy sources available today, providing low prices per kilowatt hour after the production tax credit.

Core Development Group
Our team has experience designing and developing 50 MW of wind energy.

power islands icon

Power Islands

By partnering solar photovolaics (PV) and battery storage with sustainable cogeneration, the electrical and thermal energy needs are harnessed to match the unique resource availability for each situation.

Core Development Group
We currently have over 200 MW under design and development.

bio mass icon

Bio Mass

Today, biomass power plants use everything from animal waste and food and crop waste to wood pellets to create electricity.

Core Development Group
Our engineering and development team have been hired to consult on biomass projects to reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability efforts. 100MW under development.

hydro power icon

Hydro Power

Hydropower harnesses the power in flowing water without creating emissions.Fish-friendly innovations and installations in existing infrastructure are setting the stage for growth in low impact hydro resources.

Core Development Group
Our team provides guidance on low-impact hydropower installations in existing infrastructure. We provide engineering, design, licensing and dam safety expertise, and assistance with renewable markets and incentives to maximize this clean resource where available.

How does today’s investment result in future dividends?


While the future may be hard to predict, there is one thing for certain— now is the time to have a conversation about sustainability goals. The planet offers us options every day and new advances are continually discovered. Today’s renewable decisions can impact tomorrow’s bottom line. The Core Team and partners have global experience and proven methods for reducing energy costs with a long range plan.

4 Steps to Success

CORE will manage the entire project life cycle and help your business plan for future coordination in sustainabilty.

  1. Analysis

    • Discuss your company sustainability strategies and energy-saving goals.
    • Perform a desktop preliminary design with appropriate and preferred technology, analyzing potential system size and production.
    • Conduct a site visit to determine initial analysis, and optimal system size, interconnection, and energy production.
  2. Finance

    • Ownership: Outright ownership of the renewable energy system allows your company to take advantage of federal tax credits, state incentives and 100% federal bonus depreciation.
    • Power Purchase Agreement: PPAs allow companies to purchase the energy from a renewable system that we own for a term of years, with no money down.
  3. Installation

    • Complete engineering design to a set of permit-ready drawings.
    • Zoning, permitting and entitlements.
    • Project execution plan: civil, mechanical, and electrical challenges.
    • Safely install renewable energy system with zero operational interruptions.
    • Commission and operate system.
  4. Operation & Maintenance

    • Oversee energy system functions.
    • Implement a maintenance plan.
    • Perform analysis and enhance capabilities.
    • 24/7 monitoring of power generation.

Before we take action we listen.

Our approach begins with a conversation. We listen carefully to the unique needs of our clients and customize a sustainable energy plan without interrupting business operations for the duration of the project life cycle. During lean times, we also provide guidance and access to financial resources and simplify the complexity of project planning.

Call: 201-825-2195

Unique service offerings

  • Project finance
  • Site feasibility and land development
  • Select appropriate renewable & sustainable technology
  • State zoning permitting and entitlements
  • Interconnection studies and applications
  • Turn-key sustainable & renewable energy systems design
  • Engineering, procurement, & construction (EPC)
  • Sign and seal design engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Third party commissioning
  • Generation validation
  • Operation and maintenance (O&M)
  • Owners representative and consulting
  • RFP representative
2.6 Gigawatts

Renewable Energy Core Development Group has converted according to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalences Calculator.

This figure is equivalent to preventing:
  • CO-2 Emissions
    Pounds of coal
  • CO-2 Emissions
    Barrels of oil
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
    Passenger vehicles driven for a year

Together we can achieve more.

The Core Development Group experts are here to guide you with decision making and serve as stewards of sustainability for your entire project life cycle.

Ask us. Ask our clients.

Reducing your company’s environmental impact and carbon footprint requires thoughtful analysis, clear strategies, efficient planning, and expert implementation. At our Core, we are passionate, driven, and detail-oriented engineers, developers, designers, and project managers dedicated to providing operational excellence in renewable energy for companies and communities.

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