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Core Development Group is a commercial solar industry leader serving New York businesses with commercial solar and community solar (Community Distributed Generation). New York businesses and organizations can reply upon local service and peace of mind with Core Development Group’s trusted expertise with commercial rooftop, ground mount, community solar, and carport solar systems.

Purchasing or Financing of Commercial Solar Systems in New York

New York businesses can benefit from commercial solar system Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) experience of Core Development Group, including the most competitive pricing options in the market without compromising quality or efficiency or project timelines. A variety of flexible financial options are available for NY-based commercial solar systems, including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Power-purchase agreement is unlike outright ownership, as organizations (businesses, municipalities, educational institutions) play host to a solar array owned and operated by someone else. The organization then purchases the electricity from the array under a long-term agreement.

Core Development Group offers a variety of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) models that can be customized to the needs of our customer. With our traditional PPA model, Core Development Group (sometimes in partnership with financiers) owns your solar energy system and sells the energy produced to you in a long-term agreement with monthly payments that are less than your current electricity bill. We have unique and innovative PPA products that work especially well for non-profits, religious institutions and municipal entities.

New York Commercial Solar Installations

Installing commercial solar system on a commercial property can reduce operating costs and increase corporate sustainability. Below are common industry examples for Core Development Group’s commercial solar installations:

School iconSchools
Office iconOffices
Retail iconStrip Malls & Retail Stores
Commercial Buildings iconCommercial Buildings
Health Care iconHealth Care
Hotels iconHotels
Commercial Fleets iconWarehouses

New York Commercial Solar Incentives

New York continues to lead the nation in the growth of the solar market, thanks to lower costs, solar grants, tax credits, and state incentives. By 2030, approximately 70% of NY electricity is expected to come from clean renewable energy sources. By 2050 clean renewable energy sources are expected to reach 100%.

New York State has become one of the most advanced solar and clean energy markets in the country, with a wide range of incentives and available solutions. From on-site solar installations to remote crediting, distributed generation, solar and storage is accessible to most New Yorkers, from urban businesses in Manhattan to remote farms in upstate New York.


Types of Commercial Solar Systems in New York

Core Development Group offers solar energy mounting configurations that meet the energy demand and budgetary needs of all customers. Rooftop mounting systems generally are quickest and most cost effective to complete. When adequate roof space is not available, we design options that ground mount solar panels as canopies or simply at ground level to cover open fields. Transform your organization or business rooftops, parking lots, and land with a commercial solar system that can include battery storage to reduce business risks associated with power failures. Core Development Group offers several solar EPC structures and solutions to fit unique needs for decades to come.

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New York Community Solar

Through New York's Community Distributed Generation (CDG) program, also referred to as community solar, residents and businesses can subscribe to receive bill credits virtually from a solar installation within their local utility service territory. Community solar benefits consumers that may be otherwise excluded from the solar market (renters, shaded property, lack of roof control). Subscribers tocommunity solar programs benefit with annual savings on their utility bills.

Property owners can sell or lease their property to solar developers who install and maintain the community solar farms anywhere in New York, regardless of the area’s previous function.

If you have 5 acres to 100 acres of land or a large building with an unobstructed flat roof (over 100,000 square feet), your property may be a good candidate for a community solar facility. Land with degraded usage, limited road frontage, quarry sites, brownfields, unused farms, and landfills are excellent candidates for solar development and can qualify to receive long-term lease payments. Core Development Group can assess your land and provide competitive lease payment rate for installing solar on your property. Leasing is simple. All the details of your solar farm project are handled, including environmental studies, permits, entitlements, and interconnections to the utility. If you are interested in leasing your land or roof for community solar or interested in hosting a solar project, contact Core Development Group today.

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New York Remote Crediting

New York Remote Crediting is a new form of sharing distributed generation bill credits from generator-host accounts to satellite accounts. Under remote crediting, a solar generator host can specify that credits be allocated to up to ten (10) satellite customers. One of these customers must be the host itself (if the host wants credits applied to its bill); the remaining nine (9) customers can be unrelated to the host and may have multiple accounts for each satellite customer.

Landowners and businesses can work with Core Development Group to build remote crediting solar farms (host) across New York State, creating an opportunity for more New Yorkers to gain the benefits of solar. Businesses, not-for-profit organizations, municipal government agencies, and schools, can subscribe (as satellites) to the remote crediting solar farm (host) and save money. Remote crediting is a mechanism that allows customers to receive credits on their electric utility bill from solar, not on their roof or property. Remote crediting is an easy way for electric customers to help green the grid and save money at the same time.

Remote crediting is different than community solar. Any electric customer account can subscribe to either a remote crediting or community solar project. Both offer the same service, but the three major differences are the number of subscribers allowed, the ability to have onsite solar, and the ability to subscribe to multiple projects. If you are a large electric customer (25 kW or greater), remote crediting may be more suitable than community solar. Core Development Group has experience in working with landowners and businesses to develop remote crediting hosts or community solar projects, and can provide guidance for the best approach.

The basics of New York remote crediting:

  1. A solar developer builds a solar farm on land identified for solar development.
  2. Solar panels are interconnected to the local electricity grid.
  3. Up to 10 businesses can subscribe to the solar farm through remote crediting.
  4. The business subscribers get credits on their electric utility bill, significantly reducing or eliminating the balance owed to their local utility company.
  5. The solar developer bills the businesses for the energy generated by the solar panels, which is less than what the local utility company would charge.

Areas We Serve

Core Development Group serves all of New York, including upstate, downstate, New York City, and Long Island. We have expertise working with local electricity distribution utilities, including ConEd, Orange and Rockland, Central Hudson, National Grid NY, NYSEG, and RGE. Learn more about New York commercial solar incentives.

New York programs such as NY SUN and VDER have made solar and consumer savings more tangible than ever to New York businesses. Core Development Group experts can provide a free, non-obligatory solar evaluation to see which energy solutions are best for you. Contact Us.

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