Community Solar

Businesses and landowners can benefit their local communities through community solar development. Community solar farms provide residents with an easy way to support renewable energy sources and support the environment.

Community solar is one of the fastest growing segments across the country. Community solar subscription programs offers renters, urban consumers in multi-family dwellings, homeowners without ideal roof locations, and small businesses, to access the benefits of solar power without having solar installations on their own land or roof. Providing a broader range of consumers with easier access to solar powers help increase new renewable energy generation that can displace traditional generation sources. These community solar farms provide consumers with an easy way to support renewable energy sources and support the environment. Plus, community solar farms can help customers save money with a discount or credit on their electricity bills. Since the community solar farm is routing power to the utility, the community energy is delivered the same way and there is no wiring or equipment to install. Core Development Group is creating community solar projects and leading the way for consumers to have access to solar power.

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Community Solar creates more sustainable communities

Local communities benefit with community solar since local jobs are created to build local power projects that increase regional grid resiliency. Plus, community solar supports local renewable energy and reduces emissions from traditional sources that burn fossil fuels. There is a growing list of states that offer community solar programs. Community solar incentive programs are available (different program structures) in states as New York, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

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Landowners - Lease your land for community solar

If you have 5 acres to 100 acres of land or a large building with an unobstructed flat roof (over 100,000 square feet), your property may be a good candidate for a community solar facility. Land with degraded usage, limited road frontage, quarry sites, brownfields, unused farms, and landfills are excellent candidates for solar development and can qualify to receive long-term lease payments. Core Development Group can assess your land and provide competitive lease payment rate for installing solar on your property. Leasing is simple. All the details of your solar farm project are handled, including environmental studies, permits, entitlements, and interconnections to the utility. Core Development Group is actively seeking properties in MD, NJ, NY, MA, and other states for community solar projects.

Property owners or site hosts have the power to sell or lease their property for solar power production and receive financial compensation. If you are interested in leasing your land or roof for community solar or interested in hosting a solar project, contact Core Development Group today. You can rely on our experience, knowledge, and resources to develop the right solar project with highest financial incentives for your land or property.

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Community solar may be referred to by many different names as Community Solar Farms, Community Solar Gardens, Shared Solar Farms, Community Shared Solar, or Community Solar Subscriptions.


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Industry Leading Experience, Knowledge, and Resources

At Core Development Group, we make your sustainable energy goals attainable. With the ever increasing interest in corporate climate responsibility, businesses today are more focused than ever on effective renewable energy strategies. In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion on the topic and we have seen measurable improvement in both grass root and large scale efforts. Choosing the best renewable technology to implement sustainability goals and knowing which incentive plans are available can be challenging to keep up with. Core Development Group, a nationally-ranked renewable provider, has the diverse expertise necessary to offer companies trusted guidance and reliable services towards a sustainable future. Our mission is to help power the world’s companies and communities now and for years to come through sustainable energy development.

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