Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC)

Commercial Solar EPC Solar Services

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC Solar)

Core Development Group provides end-to-end commercial solar energy services, including designing the system, giving procurement details about the system, and installing the full commercial solar system. After delivering the functional solar system, Core Development Group can continue to perform regular checks and continuous maintenance to ensure the solar system works at optimum efficiency. No two projects are the same, so Core Development Group provides tailored commercial EPC solar solutions to help each unique customer achieve their company goals and project objectives.

Solar Engineering Excellence

Our industry-leading solar EPC services begin with our highly competent and qualified solar design and engineering team, licensed in 23 U.S. states and certified with NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). Core Development Group’s end of end EPC services are customized to each customer and takes a holistic approach to provide an optimal solar service.

Our solar EPC engineering phase includes detailed requirement analysis, site survey, business needs, weather monitoring, structural design, solar power generation capacity determination, equipment determination, engineering design, modelling of the proposed solar power, and proposal analysis to generate the highest return for each customer.

Professional Solar Procurement

Core Development Group has trusted relationships with the foremost providers of materials and components in the solar power industry. These relationships enable our solar EPC services to include the most competitive pricing options in the market without compromising quality, efficiency or project timelines.

Our solar EPC procurement phase includes experienced project teams to manage the entire process seamlessly, from supplier evaluation and solicitation to equipment manufacturing, delivery and installation to warranty and commissioning.

Quality Solar Construction

We are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners and have Master Electricians and PMP certified project managers on staff. Core Development Group prides itself on accomplishing our solar EPC and solar construction goals by utilizing proper planning, experience, and foresight to prevent issues from arising – and resolving them expediently should the unexpected occur. Our deep in-house construction experience means we can always deliver on our safety, quality and production commitments for commercial businesses and organizations.


A key benefit to EPC commercial solar process is that the entire solar process is completed under one agreement. Therefore, there is only one bill to pay. The process of going solar is more streamlined and straightforward. This means less customer time consumed in the process and businesses experience greater peace of mind with having a single point of contact throughout the whole end-to-end EPC solar process.

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Commercial Solar EPC

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Commercial Solar EPC Design Options

Core Development Group offers all solar energy mounting configurations that meet the energy demand and budgetary needs of customers. Rooftop mounting systems generally are quickest and most cost effective to complete. When adequate roof space is not available, we design options that ground mount solar panels as canopies or simply at ground level to cover open fields. Transform your organization or business rooftops, parking lots, and land with a commercial solar system that can include battery storage to reduce business risks associated with power failures. Core Development Group offers several solar EPC structures and solutions to fit unique needs for decades to come.

What We Do – Our Solar Project Process

We can manage the entire project life cycle and help your business plan for future coordination in sustainability.

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Straightforward Solar EPC Solutions for Business

Many states offer added incentives for businesses selecting commercial solar systems. Business located in New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, and California can get significant financial incentives with commercial solar systems. Core Development Group oversees every step of developing, designing, engineering, installing, and maintaining your solar infrastructure, allowing your organization to focus on other things.

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