Solar Development and Construction Management

Solar Construction Management

Core Development Group offers an efficient approach to solar construction management. By improving owners’ oversight, lowering overall costs, reducing change orders, improving quality, and minimizing construction claims, our solar panel construction management satisfies even complex needs. Our vast experience in the solar construction industry, in addition to our strong startup and commissioning abilities, makes us uniquely qualified to manage complicated, commercial-scale solar construction projects for clients across the nation.

Core Development Group’s solar construction management professionals will manage utility-scale solar projects to meet the most demanding clients, compress deadlines, manage project delivery, and schedule with quality as a number one priority. Our team of construction managers has experience delivering high-quality, well-built solar assets for some of the most demanding customers and investors in the industry, including experience with several Fortune 100 organizations.

Solar development - from concept to completion

Organizations and businesses can benefit from solar development. Core Development Group has over a decade of experience in the solar development process, including solar site analysis, environmental review, permitting, solar land lease or landowner agreements, financing options, and construction requirements.

Get commercial solar to utility-scale solar development, including solar project design and engineering. Core Development Group specializes in the design and development of highly complex projects that incorporate custom, innovative solutions. We take detailed project plans and help with their implementation while managing goals, budgets, tasks, and schedules.

Our seasoned leadership, experienced engineers, and solar designers ensure solar projects are properly sized and located, leveraging best-in-class equipment for optimized electricity production and ongoing performance.

We buy solar materials direct from the top solar panel, inverter, and racking companies to deliver the best product at the most competitive price. Our systems are designed to minimize maintenance over the long term and maximize the return of our customers/investors. We choose our vendors carefully and establish long-term relationships to deploy multiple systems with proven results that optimizes long term results.

4 Steps to Success

Core Development Group will manage the entire project life cycle and help your business plan for future coordination in sustainability.

  1. Analysis

    • Discuss your company's sustainability strategies and energy-saving goals.
    • Perform a desktop preliminary design with appropriate and preferred technology, analyzing potential system size and production.
    • Conduct a site visit to determine initial analysis, and optimal system size, interconnection, and energy production.
  2. Finance

    • Ownership: Outright ownership of the renewable energy system allows your company to take advantage of federal tax credits, state incentives and 100% federal bonus depreciation.
    • Power Purchase Agreement: PPAs allow companies to purchase the energy from a renewable system that we own for a term of years, with no money down.
  3. Installation

    • Complete engineering design to a set of permit-ready drawings.
    • Zoning, permitting and entitlements.
    • Project execution plan: civil, mechanical, and electrical challenges.
    • Safely install renewable energy system with zero operational interruptions.
    • Commission and operate the system.
  4. Operation & Maintenance

    • Oversee energy system functions.
    • Implement a maintenance plan.
    • Perform analysis and enhance capabilities.
    • 24/7 monitoring of power generation.

Solar Project Permitting

Securing local and state-level permits for commercial solar, utility-scale solar, and energy storage can be challenging and time-consuming. Core Development Group has experience in local utility areas across the United States and is consistently navigating development risk to successfully entitle our solar development assets. We have a team of active listeners that understands permitting, environmental permitting, regulatory processes, and we can engage and cooperate with regulators charged with permitting solar projects. Our team has experience reaching agreements with regulators to achieve common ground and make the permitting process move as expeditiously as possible.

We understand real estate, permitting, entitlements, project assessments, studies, and leverage our engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) expertise to truly ensure that a project can be constructed and become operational.

Solar Project Interconnection

Solar projects can connect to a specific point on the electrical grid, the vast network of wires that connects power generation plants to every home and business that consumes power. That point is called a “point of interconnection” or POI. The POI can be different between utility-scale solar, community solar projects, and commercial solar sites.

Creating an effective interconnection strategy will increase customer satisfaction and meet regulatory requirements. An efficient solar interconnection process is essential. Core Development Group can help streamline the grid interconnection process, which can get quite complicated for certain projects. Our team of solar power experts knows interconnection requirements for distributed generation and battery energy storage systems. We understand interconnection processes across the United States and how to schedule interconnection with the solar construction and development process. We place our customers and solar projects in a position to succeed.

Process for Solar Interconnection and Permitting

solar interconnection process

Solar Incentive Administration

Some states have chosen to offer tax credits, others offer up-front rebates administered by state agencies or utilities, and still others offer performance-based incentives that are paid by an agency or utility over time based on kWh production. Effective direct incentives for solar energy can take a variety of forms depending on the administrative abilities of a given state.

Our regulatory staff has experience with the administration of getting solar incentives. We have worked through the filing process for both State and Federal clean energy incentives.

Solar Development for Real Estate

We can evaluate land or properties for solar development or perform solar construction management. We work with a network of real estate developers, property managers, and real estate agents to identify suitable properties to site solar systems and develop land for solar development.

Our vast experience in the solar construction industry, in addition to our strong solar project processes and commissioning abilities, makes us uniquely qualified to manage complicated, commercial-scale solar construction projects and utility-scale solar for clients across the United States.

Get a Custom Solar Assessment

There are several options when it comes to solar construction to manage unique customer energy needs. Our skilled team takes an educational approach with customers, and welcomes questions regarding commercial solar design, construction, and development. Let Core Development Group navigate commercial solar construction and development options and identify a customized solution for each unique situation.

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