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Commercial car port solar systems are custom designed based on each property’s unique location and size.

A commercial car port solar panel array can provide a clean, reliable source of power anywhere there is sunlight and sufficient paved ground or parking lot area to host the solar system. Solar carports consist of a supporting structure that is traditionally installed over parking spaces. Solar panels are mounted on the roof of the structure based on the parking lot design and angled to maximize solar production. These solar canopies keep cars and people dry during rain or snow, and provide shade against the sun. Car port solar often turns an underutilized space into a financial benefit. Ground-mounted solar panels that are added over a parking lot provide many benefits as producing clean energy, reducing operational costs, and shading parked cars. Car port solar in retail locations stands as an easily noticeable marketing tool that consumers value and provides appeal that delivers repeat business.

Businesses of all sizes, including commercial and industrial organizations, can capitalize on the many benefits of adding car port solar power on their property parking lots. Core Development has experience in design-building and commissioning behind the meter systems serving commercial and industrial clients as well as grid-connected ahead of the meter for utility service and support.


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  • Solar power gives you a great return on investment
  • Reduces your business operating costs
  • Controls future energy bills and provides a hedge against inflation
  • Increases your property value
  • Tax credits and bonus depreciation
  • Corporate sustainability benefits

Let Core Development Group walk you through the details of commercial rooftop solar, including incentive programs tailored to your area, system planning, installation, inspection, certification, and connection. Get a custom quote for solar for your business.

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Financial Return of a Commercial Car Port Solar System

Installing a commercial car port solar system is an investment that pays for itself by generating onsite electricity at a lower cost. Core Development Groups tailors customized options for businesses to pay for their commercial solar systems. Depending on incentives and car port details, a target return on investment for a cash purchase is approximately 10% -20% per year with a payback of 5 to 10 years. After the payback period is reached, the commercial solar system will continue to produce electricity for over 25 years.

Businesses can choose a power purchase agreement (PPA) option for the commercial car port installation and payments can be structured to be lower than the electricity costs from the local utility company. Under the PPA scenario, businesses can create an immediate monthly savings on their electricity costs. A commercial solar PPA provides an economic hedge against inflation by protecting against energy market spikes and the inevitable rise in utility electricity rates.

Businesses face important choices to install commercial solar systems on their properties. Commercial solar system are innovative and financially focused decisions that have both impactful bottom line impacts and positive sustainable results.


Commercial car port solar provides consumers and their vehicles with valuable protection against the sun, rain, snow, and ice.


Industry Leading Experience, Knowledge, and Resources

At Core Development Group, we make your sustainable energy goals attainable. With the ever increasing interest in corporate climate responsibility, businesses today are more focused than ever on effective renewable energy strategies. In the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion on the topic and we have seen measurable improvement in both grass root and large scale efforts. Choosing the best renewable technology to implement sustainability goals and knowing which incentive plans are available can be challenging to keep up with. Core Development Group, a nationally-ranked renewable provider, has the diverse expertise necessary to offer companies trusted guidance and reliable services towards a sustainable future. Our mission is to help power the world’s companies and communities now and for years to come through sustainable energy development.

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