Utility Scale Solar

Large-Scale Solar and Utility-Scale Solar Development

Utility-scale solar generates reliable, clean electricity with stable prices for decades. Developing utility-scale solar power is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon emissions and put the United States on a path to a clean energy future.

Large scale solar development projects can help bring capital to communities, create local jobs, increase local resiliency, and green the grid. Whether working with landfills, brownfields, farms, municipal land, underutilized lands, or other property owners, Core Development Group can create economic opportunity with solar development.

Core Development Group is a leader in full-service utility-scale, large, and community-scale renewable energy development, with a proven track record in solar project development from concept to completion. Our team has significant experience in large-scale solar installations, ranging from distributed generation, community solar projects to complex utility-scale projects with storage capabilities (electricity sold to wholesale utility buyers).

We understand that developing a large-scale solar project is a process involving many stages that requires a multidisciplinary team of experts. We offer a complete turnkey service starting with the siting and design phase to permitting and contracting, supply of equipment, construction, interconnection, and ultimately operations & maintenance services of each project. The expertise of our team and our relationships with industry leader partners allow for the delivery of solar projects on time and within budget.

We work through every step of a large-scale solar process, from leasing land for a solar farm to installing a large or utility-scale solar racking system. If you believe your property can generate energy for utility companies, we can provide an evaluation to design, build, and maintain a large-scale solar system. For more information on leasing land for solar development, click here.

With experience and industry partnerships, Core Development Group provides superior design, permitting, construction, and end-to-end solar services on closed landfills or contaminated lands. Learn more about solar development on landfills.

We're building a future powered by utility-scale solar energy.

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End to End EPC Services for Utility Scale Solar

Core Development Group is a turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction provider for utility-scale solar development specializing in highly complex projects that incorporate innovative solutions. We provide end-to-end solar EPC services including engineering design, civil, mechanical, electrical, and construction services under one contract. We have a dedicated Operations and Maintenance service that provides ongoing preventative maintenance and service support to ensure that the large-scale solar system delivers the desired returns to the project owner. See more about our solar EPC services.

Core Development Group provides utility-scale solar development and can contract directly with investor owned utilities, local energy cooperatives, municipalities, utility-scale developers, landfill owners, or property owners.

Engineering Design

Our experienced engineers and designers ensure solar projects are properly sized, oriented, and located, leveraging best-in-class equipment for optimized production and on-going performance. Our utility-scale design engineers seek to maximize return on investment through efficient, code-compliant solar system design.


Solar systems are sourced using strong relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry. We will ensure that high materials incorporated into your project meet the highest quality standards at competitive prices.


Core Development Group is focused on safe, trusted, and seamless construction process. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and licensed professionals are ready and available to complete your project on time and in budget. Our clients have a single touchpoint for easy and transparent communication. See more about our solar development construction services.

Utility-Scale Solar Development Solutions

Underused or unused acreage of land can be turned into a valuable solar asset that generates clean energy and financial returns for years to come. Community solar and utility scale solar projects need a suitable development sites for clean energy development.

We buy and lease land, and lease commercial rooftops to host our large and utility-scale solar arrays. We study and provide quotes for property owners. We pay for everything, from analysis to construction. Learn more about leasing land or property for solar development.

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